Beacon Enabled Session Tracking

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At Hyperlocal, session tracking is essential for the long-term session planning strategy for our clients and it allows you to understand ROI and session value based on actual attendee behavior.

Accurate Tracking

Real-time session metrics are critical for future session planning. The Hyperlocal tracking solution shows how many attendees went to each session, how long they stayed, and their individual arrival and departure times.

Efficient Planning

With access to in-the-moment data, you can plan more efficiently, reduce lines and wait times, and optimize the overall flow of attendee traffic.

Intuitive Rating

Hyperlocal rating feature enables attendees to provide instant feedback on sessions, topics, and speakers, helping to better predict their future interests and preferences.

Driving Revenue

By replacing employees at the door, you can save thousands of dollars on temporary event staffing. By quantifying session attendance, you can drive event revenue through increased repeat sponsorships and registrations.

Passive Monitoring

Enables organizers to provide a passive and non-intrusive monitoring sessions, allowing attendees to make the most of the session before, during, and after.

Real-time Polling

The Hyperlocal app allows the speaker OR attendees to easily “ask” questions during the session, giving the speaker the opportunity to address them in real-time or follow up after the session is over.