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We bet you didn’t know that exclusive app sponsorship can generate up to 5 times the cost of your event app. Did you?

Hyperlocal's mobile app is not only a great way to enhance any conference or event, it is also a great way for exhibitors and sponsors to build brand awareness and increase traffic to their exhibit booth.

In addition, a multi-platform compatible app provides your sponsor with more reach while providing you with an opportunity to extend the life cycle of the event.

Here are some of the reasons why event mobile sponsorship has been gaining momentum:

· QUANTIFIABLE: ads are dynamic, measurable, and easily editable for last-minute changes

· GO GREEN: there is no printing costs, no editing costs, no left-over paper collateral

· ACTIONABLE: it enables end-users to easily and quickly take action with one tap (click on banner/exhibitor/company)

· REVENUE GENERATOR: monetize on sponsorship opportunity by giving your sponsors and exhibitors maximum visibility

A key enabler of the event app sponsorship placement approach is using analytics data. It will be imperative for you be armed with solid data so you can sell the value to your potential sponsor using fact-based user demographic profiles and usage patterns. When setting up the app pricing goal, the following variables are taken into consideration:

· % of expected profit

· # of expected attendees

· % of expected event app adoption rate

· $ cost of the app

· $/# cost of the app per attendee

At the minimum, event planners tend to cover the cost of their event app with app sponsorship revenue, however, many conference professionals claim to generate an additional 50% of the cost of the app in sponsorship revenue.

Well, here at Hyperlocal we believe that you should not limit yourself to the potential of sponsorship earnings. That is why we designed the Hyperlocal’s Event Revenue Generation Guide; to help event professionals maximize sponsorship and branding opportunities.

Our optimized sponsorship branding model drives your revenue stream and empowers sponsors and exhibitors with a multi-faceted opportunity to engage with their targeted audience at your event.