Proximity Marketing Explained

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Did you know that proximity-aware event apps are 235% more engaging than standard mobile apps at events and beacon-driven notifications perform better than those triggered by GPS?

To recap, beacons are hardware devices designed to interact with mobile smartphones on a micro-location level. This enables delivery of live location-specific information anywhere there is a beacon. Venues now have an unprecedented opportunity to reach visitors in a very granular, contextual way that was previously impossible.

This new proximity-detection technology allows event managers to interact personally with visitors and attendees by triggering location specific content alerts to their mobile devices.

Here are few examples of how beacon powered proximity features work at events:

Seamless & Automatic Check-In

Let the beacon do the job for you.  When your attendees enter a venue, it automatically checks them in and presents an opportunity to share their location to a friend.

Targeted Proximity Notifications

Deliver laser-focused proximity notifications to your segmented audience and in real-time.

Interactive Indoor Positioning

Transform how attendees navigate your venue and network with one another using comprehensive indoor positioning that enables them to locate themselves, others and areas of interest in the venue.

Compelling Offers from Exhibitors

Dramatically increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Present attendees with relevant advertising, coupons and nearby deals as they pass by a booth, gift shop or food vendor.

Foot Traffic & Heatmaps

Monitor live data on your venue’s traffic and send real-time messages to delegates directing them to the shortest queues or exits.

Gamification & Virtual Games

Engaged your attendees before, during and a after the event. Deliver entertain and educational games, contests or trivia when visitor attention may be wanting.

Live Attendee Feedback

Getting a quick and real-time feedback from attendees is core for evaluating the success of an event and long-term event planning strategy.

Intuitive Session Tracking

Enables organizers to provide a passive and non-intrusive monitoring sessions, allowing attendees to make the most of the session before, during, and after the session is over.