Role of Event App

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According to Events Industry Council there are approximately 5 million meetings & events held worldwide, however, the average attendee goes only to 4-6 events per year.

A mobile event app is an always-on, highly targeted channel that puts your message right in the hands of your attendees, making it the perfect companion on your attendees’ journey with you.

A great event app should help with the following:

  • Organize and Showcase Your Program Agenda

You’re thinking about that spreadsheet, aren’t you? We all dream of an exceptional scheduling tool where we only have to enter the information in one place, and then it auto-magically updates it in all the places it needs to be. A great event app should offer you that.

  • Connect Your Attendees No Matter the Device

Using a conference app should help you meet your attendees where they are, no matter the device they’re connecting with you and your event on or what kinds of technology they feel comfortable with. Great event apps should help you immerse your attendees whether they are accessing the event app through mobile, tablet, and a desktop experiences, with consistent ease of access, adoption, and use across devices.

  • Engage Your Attendees Before, During, & After

A great event app allows for a private social network, year-round engagement through an online network that is bonded together from being at the face to face event. Before, during or after, it allows you to reach out and send personalized, real-time messages that let you focus personalized attention on individual attendees as they become part of your event experience.  It lets them upload and share photos, collaborate in streams of conversation, and access information valuable to their jobs.

  • Save Time and Money on Printing and Mailing: Go Green

There are many hidden costs of those printed previews, marketing promos, guides, newsletter, one-sheets, and more that are littering your venue floor. There is the time and money you’re spending on design, editing, printing, and environmental waste budgets for your paper products. Now, compare those costs with the quotes you’re getting for a great event app…

  • Showcase ROI through Reporting & Analytics

ROI is many things to many people. A great event app helps you demonstrate through hard numbers the who, what, when, where, and sometimes even why of it all.

  • Monetize Your Exhibitors and Sponsors

Helping your exhibitors and sponsors connect with attendees in a personalized way through sponsored banners and notifications, targeted SMS messaging, logo placement and information about their product gives ROI to these partners without ever having an attendee step onto the show floor.

  • Track Attendee Professional Development & Certification

Automated session tracking not only cuts on costs but also allows attendees to focus more on the session. Once your attendee arrives at the meeting room, al he need to do is sit down, rexal and enjoy the content.