Custom Apps

Leveraging mobile apps and Bluetooth technology Hyperlocal offers custom apps. We specialize in delivering Apps that work in tandem with beacons. Our goal is not to overload user with information but focus on delivering proper data based on time, location, and preference.

Simple & Intuitive

We build apps that are simple to use. In our opinion user should be able to perform all tasks with one hand, therefore our design is based on interaction in the lower part of the screen.



We know beacons inside out. We utilize beacons features for engagements and for analytics.

Edge Beacon Pearl Beacon Mini Beacon


We are analytics platform. We track user behaviors, engagements, and preferences so we can build better and even more intuitive apps.


We build apps for iOS and Android natively for better experience. We support our apps with HTML5 version that can be used on any device.

Hyperlocal Staff Messaging
Hyperlocal Business Networking
Business Networking
Hyperlocal Sponsorships
Hyperlocal Integrated Beacons
Integrated Beacons
Hyperlocal Radar
Hyperlocal Engagement Tracking
Engagement Tracking
Hyperlocal Intuitive Design
Intuitive Design
Hyperlocal Session Tracking
Session Tracking
Hyperlocal Interactive Schedule
Interactive Schedule
Hyperlocal Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Hyperlocal Mulit Event App
Multi-Event App
Hyperlocal Social Media
Social Media
Hyperlocal Android iOS Web
iOS, Android & Web
Hyperlocal Live Polling
Live Polling
Hyperlocal Session and Exhibitors Ratings
Hyperlocal Real-time Reports
Real-time Reports
Hyperlocal Behavioral Analytics
Behavioral Analytics
Hyperlocal Lead Generation
Lead Generation
Hyperlocal Proximity Detection
Proximity Detection
Hyperlocal Badge Scanning
Badge Scanning
Hyperlocal Prospect Profiling
Prospect Profiling
Hyperlocal Booth Analytics
Booth Analytics
Hyperlocal Document Integration
Document Integration
Hyperlocal Share Everything
Share Everything

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Working with Hyperlocal was easy and the set up was quick and timely. We learned that beacons are effective in taking human error out of manual badge scanning. The single most important feature for us was attendee engagement, but we also wanted to get important information and updates to attendees quickly. When we combined the beacon technology with a mobile event app, it allowed us to grab our attendee’s attention as they walk by an exhibitor’s booth or attend a session. We had better data and heat maps to give to our exhibitors.

General Manager, WaterMelon Events

Our company discovered things that surprised us. We learned women were very orderly, visiting all the booths and talking to all exhibitors. Men, on the other hand, were following the “freebies” route, with no particular order in mind. Gender-specific behavioral data like this was new to us. It might seem like a tiny finding; however, Hyperlocal’s data is helping us improve our entire floor plan for next year.”

Event Director, Groups & Events at Raffles

Other festivals don’t use apps like this, and I’ve talked with a ton of vendors who have never seen this. We’re changing the game here, I just want as many people on it as possible. I see the value it can add for next year.

Event Organizer, Craft Beer and Wine Fest

This was our first event implementing beacon technology and not only did it work better than we thought, but it also helped us to make the event more profitable. Initially we decided to apply this technology to help us more accurately measure the experience of our 2,500 attendees and understand how they spent time on the floor, we wanted to see how they split their time between exhibition floor and general sessions. On the other hand, we wanted to provide our 175 exhibitors with an easy way to connect with those who are interested in their services. The exhibitors were able to use the Exhibitor app that comes with a proximity detecting feature, allowing for more efficient lead qualification. Everything went smooth and everyone walked out happy.

Event Planner, XL Group

Our attendees loved the app for more than one reason. Apart from offering a premium networking tool for our participants, the app helped with attendance (over 110 1-hr courses over 3 days of the conference), session ratings and pushed notifications. In the past, we had to physically to see if we were on the brink of room capacity, if attendee stayed throughout entire session to earn his CPE credit and if the content was satisfying. This time, leveraging Hyperlocal location-based technology, all we had to do is just sit back and relax. Also, the app helped us lift feedback completion rate 25% because the feedback was happening in real time. As soon as the session was over, the attendee received an instant notification with an invitation to (one-click) rate the session/speaker. This was a great indicator for us to better understand what attendees found most engaging which speakers we should be invited back next year.

Event Organizer, Orchid Beach Events
The world’s most results-obsessed companies use Hyperlocal to understand and measure event impact on their brand presence.